Betting Tips

Betting Tips

Betting Tips

Note:- We have never advocated the Betting in any form (Online/Offline). We are only providing the Astrological Prediction of the different events of Matches. It is your sole responsibility, How could use this information in compliance with Local Laws/ Authorities. 


We can now predict the Cricket Match's Toss and Winning Team Upto 100% Correct*. We are researching this field for more than 9 Years. Now our prediction goes beyond the limits of a Smart man's Assumption. 

Are you interested in knowing the Winning Team or Match Toss before the event setdown, Consult me immediately.

Many peoples are engaged in Online Betting like an amature and Wearing huge losses from the failure of their Assumption. Like a Portfolio Manger you need the service of an Astro-Betting Counsellor to gain the professionalism in Sports Betting.

Our Up to 100% Correct Prediction will granted boost your Winning opportunity & can Vanished all the losses within a short span of time. Here, I make this Commitment! 

Our Prediction Fee is only $15 for International Clients and Rs. 999/- for Indian Clients. We are also making a promise If any Prediction is going to be Wrong, we will provide the Next Prediction Free of Cost to Compensate your valuable losses.

Let's Understand the Magical Benefits of Astro-Betting Counselling ...

You are Betting in 100 Matches, You will Win maximum 50 Matches by 50-50 Assumption method. It means hard to gain a single penny. If you are a Super-Smart that most of the common men don't then manage to Score upto 55 Matches.

But, After getting a  service of Astro Prediction, this limit moves beyond to 70 Matches. This Number is  several times tested. Now you can earn very much handful Profits.

i.e : Most of the Online Betting Sites are providing 1.9 Times multiplier for Tosses. Then your earnings are (70×1.9)-(30×1)= 103.

It means you can earn 103 Times. It is more than enough to Join the Astro-Betting Consultation.

Consult me by Call/ Email/ WhatsApp to enjoy this Winning multiplier.

Call+WhatsApp:- +91 8700451247.


Warm Regards.

Astromagix Team.